“Preservation the Right Way” Educational Outreach Series

On July 20, 2023 the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries funded the Lobster Foundation of Massachusetts (LFoM), project “Preservation the Right Way” under the 2022 Environmental Economic Innovation and Resiliency Marine Fisheries Grant Program.

The LFoM is dedicated in its pursuit of marketing and educating consumers on nutritional, sustainable, responsibly harvested Massachusetts lobster and on North Atlantic Right Whale (NARW) conservation efforts. The LFoM and the Massachusetts Lobstermen’s Association (MLA) will be conducting educational outreach lectures around the Commonwealth to educate on ALL things lobster related as well as the facts about ALL the conservation efforts put forth by the MA commercial lobster industry.

It is vital that consumers, tourists, and businesses alike know that the MA commercial lobster industry are partners in preservation and the sustainability of all facets of the eco-system they depend upon. Massachusetts lobsters are a high-quality product, fished from Massachusetts waters using approved conservation practices for harvesting and handling of lobsters and dedicated conservation efforts to protect the NARW.

Another component to this grant funding is the ability to purchase the “Right Way Green Lobster Bands” to be given out to the MA commercial lobster industry to be used as an identifiable marketing tool.

The LFoM and the MLA will be distributing the “Right Way Green Lobster Bands” in the spring of 2024.